Alternativ till Bluebeam

Geometra is an excellent alternative to Bluebeam Revu. The tool is based on your images and drawings, allowing you to easily extract your bill of quantities. Measure, count, and summarize quickly and smoothly.

Byt från Bluebeam till Geometra

Geometra is used and managed at the project level, whereas Bluebeam Revu operates at the file level. This means you can compile your bill of quantities from an unlimited number of files and a plethora of different file types.

Geometra is platform-independent; you can run it on PC, Mac, and Linux. Bluebeam Revu is updated and upgraded only for PC and is not developed for Mac. It is cloud-based, whereas Bluebeam Revu requires installation on your computer, and you cannot log in from any device.

One advantage of Geometra is the way it handles projects. Here, there is a clear folder structure, status, compilations, and quantity registers that you build yourself.

In summary, you can assemble your bill of quantities and material calculations faster in Geometra than in Bluebeam. Here, you have all the tools to measure, quantify, and compile your values. Moreover, it is easy to learn. As a user, technical support and training are included in the tool whenever you wish.

Geometra vs Bluebeam

Here you can compare some of the key features supported by each program:

PDF- och 2D-ritningar
Visa PDF-filer, skapa anteckningar och göra mängdavtagning.
IFC och 3D-modeller
Visa IFC-filer, extrahera data och navigera i modellen.
Visa ett stort antal filtyper som word, Excel, PPT, JPEG med mera.
Lägg till flera rader till ett enda objekt för pris, material, tid och dokumentation.
Ramverk för kalkyler
Bygg ditt eget register med kalkylrader för att enkelt återanvända och standardisera din kalkylprocess.
Flera projektversioner
Skapa alternativa lösningar för ett projekt genom att lägga till ytterligare kalkyler.
Samarbeta med andra
Använd verktyget för att samarbeta i projekt med andra användare.
Alla plattformar
Fungerar på Windows, OS X och Linux.
Support & Training
Free support & free online courses.
With webhooks, you can easily connect data from Geometra to other tools.

Simple measurement and marking tools

You can use Geometra to measure almost anything when extracting precise quantities. Are you preparing a bid for a request?

You mark up areas directly on drawings using simple tools. For example, floors, walls, ceilings, facades, green spaces, asphalt, or interior roofs. You obtain measurements such as square meters, lengths, and volumes from these markings. Assign different materials to the measures, such as parquet flooring, gypsum boards, or similar. Then, organize the bill of quantities into folders, and voila! You got your bill of quantities.

You can use any files with known dimensions, such as drawings, photos, maps, or aerial and drone photos. Geometra supports most file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, Word, PPT, and Excel.

Geometra also supports viewing and extracting quantities from 3D models in IFC format. (Currently available as a beta version in the program.)

Transform measurements into quantity takeoffs

Each measured object (e.g., an area) can contain detailed information you input into your 'rows.' You use the rows to assign different types of information to your measurements, turning the row into a quantity in your bill of quantities. You decide how much information you want to input, and the row is easily linked to a measurement. You can export the data in the rows to the clipboard or CSV (comma-separated values).

You can also save your rows and use them for multiple projects. This makes your work efficient if, for example, you need to use the same material numerous times.

Build up your register of rows to quickly reuse the information in multiple projects.

Collaborate, for real.

Does everyone in your team work in Geometra? Congratulations! Then you can collaborate for real!

Geometra enables you to collaborate with your team at different project stages, from measuring your drawings and generating a bills of quantities in real-time to tracking and extracting summaries during production.

Everyone accessing the information is constantly updated with the latest changes.

Even though Geometra primarily targets those involved in measurement and estimation, there is significant value for colleagues in production to access the groundwork for how the work should be carried out. Sharing information from assessments reduces the risk of errors. It also facilitates understanding and generating subtotals and breakdowns needed during the project.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Consistency in your work with projects and quantity takeoffs is crucial for saving time and delivering high quality every time.

In Geometra, you can create templates you and your team can always work with to achieve a good result and save timw when working with quantity takeoffs. We promise that templates will make your work much more manageable. Consider what structure you want to work with before you start: How do you usually name objects, markings, and quantities? What should always be included? What should the foundation look like to facilitate your team's work?

We recommend being consistent in your naming conventions. It creates order and clarity. Is your structure based on location, material, or workgroup? Your needs determine how you build your templates.

Templates also make it easy for multiple people to work on the same project. The template sets the standard that allows everyone to work in the same way.

Carry valuable information forward

You might have a pricing template or cost-estimating software that you want to continue using. In that case, you can manually export your bill of quantities from Geometra, or set up a data connection directly from Geometra. You can then continue working with the quantity takeoffs in your other tools.

Quantity takeoffs can easily be exported to the clipboard or CSV (comma-separated values). For example, you can paste the clipboard into Excel, and your export will automatically format. This makes it easy to match with your estimating templates or use for further processing.

You can also export the colour-coded drawings that you've measured and use them as working documents or as supplements to your quotes.

With Geometra's export capabilities, you can quickly move from inquiry to pricing and delivery. Want to avoid manual exports? You can build your data connection (via Webhook) between Geometra and your other programs.

Are you ready to get started?

You can try Geometra for free for 30 days if you haven't already done it. Of course, you will have access to our support and free training to quickly learn the software.